Local Art

The Wik & Kugu Arts & Craft Centre is operated for the benefit of the artists and craftspeople of Aurukun. It has about 30 members and about a quarter of its members are regular producers of arts and craftworks. 

The art of Aurukun is deeply rooted in its traditional culture. Storytelling, song, dance, wood carving, weaving and painting in natural ochres are all ancient traditions in the region. Nearly all artworks produced by Aurukun artists have direct links to specific traditional cultural stories, places and experiences. These empower dramatic artistic works.

Located at 39 Kang Kang Rd, Aurukun QLD 4892 or call (07) 4060 6800



"THE CAMP DOG" - Has come very famous in the collectors world.  Aurukun is the home of the camp dog.  Send a photo of your dog and the artist may be able to put his artistic view of your best mate.  



The Up Stairs Gallery at the Aurukun Art centre has a large range of stock currently for sale,all made by the locals. A wonderful gift for a love one or for your collection.


Basket Weaving

Traditional basket weaving practiced by the Wik & Kugu women since time produced valuable utensils often used to hold fruits or other food. The pleasing colours show the use of traditional plant dyes which are collected and processed by the craftspeople. Women gather pandanus leaves to make fibre for traditional weaving. 


Wuungkam LODGE

Also a selection of art for sale from the Art Centre in the reception area of Wuungkam Lodge in Aurukun. 



You will often find the famous work of Aurukun Artists in other cities on display.  But buying art from the place it was inspired by gives a new meaning and understanding to the piece.